Referencing and citing


Help with selected referencing styles used at Te Herenga Waka--Victoria University of Wellington.

Introduction to referencing styles

Referencing styles are sets of instructions explaining how you should reference the sources you use.

There are many different styles in use at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington but it is important to follow a single style. Your School will have a policy on which style to use, which you can confirm with your lecturer or by consulting your course outline.

Get help with common styles used within the University. Each style has an official “style manual” although many other helpful resources also exist.


Guides and games for learning the American Psychological Association referencing style. APA is widely used across the University.


Guides to the Chicago University Press referencing styles, commonly used in the humanities and social sciences.


Style guides for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers referencing style.


Guides and examples for the Modern Languages Association referencing style. MLA is commonly used in humanities disciplines.


New Zealand Law Style Guide. The official referencing style of the Faculty of Law.