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Guides and games for learning the American Psychological Association referencing style.

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The referencing style from the American Psychological Association (APA) is used widely across the University. The latest edition of the style is APA 7th edition.

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Citing AI-generated content

You can find the latest advice for citing and referencing content created by generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tools on the APA Style blog.

In summary, from April 2023:

  • In your Methods or Introduction section, describe how you used the GenAI tool.
  • Include the prompt you used in the GenAI tool and any relevant portion of the AI-generated response.
  • Cite and reference the GenAI tool in the same way you would computer software, including a version number and a short description of the type of tool.
  • You can include long prompts as footnotes, or in an appendix or online supplemental materials.
  • You can include long AI-generated responses in an appendix or online supplemental materials. This is important because readers cannot recreate the exact response even if they use the same prompt you used.

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