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Guides and examples for the Modern Languages Association referencing style.

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This style, from the Modern Languages Association, is commonly used in humanities disciplines. The most recent version is MLA 9th edition.

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Citing AI-generated content

You can find the latest advice for citing and referencing content created by generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tools in the MLA Style Center.

In summary, from March 2023:

  • Acknowledge all functional uses of GenAI tools, such as editing or translating tasks. You can do this in your text or in a footnote.
  • Provide citations and complete reference details whenever you incorporate into your own work any content that was created by a GenAI tool.
  • GenAI tools should not be considered as authors.
  • Complete reference details should:
    • have no author name
    • use a description of the content generated as the Source Title, for example, use the prompt text
    • use the name of the GenAI tool as the Container Title
    • include the version of the GenAI tool
    • use the producer of the GenAI tool as the Publisher
    • include the date the content was generated
    • include a publicly available link to a saved copy of the generated content, or, if one is not available, include a link to the general website of the GenAI tool.

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