Referencing and citing


Recommended for Law. Easily apply the New Zealand Law Style Guide and multilingual referencing.

Juris-M is free reference management software that is based on, but separate from, Zotero.

Juris-M can:

  • record and manage details of your information sources
  • save full-text PDF files
  • generate in-text citations, footnotes, automatic cross-referencing, and bibliographies
  • integrate with word processors

To use Juris-M with the New Zealand Law Style Guide you need to install additional software, known as a browser plugin.


This section explains how to install Juris-M. It is specific for Law students wishing to use the NZ Law Style Guide. .

  1. From the Juris-M Client page select 'Tools' and download the Juris-M standalone for windows. A green Juris-M icon should appear on your desktop or browser.
  2. Download a Browser Plugin - either Google Chrome or Firefox. .
  3. You should now have a green icon on your desktop.
  4. Open your library go to edit - preferences -cite - scroll down the style manager to see JM New Zealand Law Style - this is 2012 version, this means you will have to manually edit some of your references.
  5. Still in Cite go to Word Processors and check that Microsoft Word is installed.
    A detailed guides on installing Juris-M created by AUT may be found here for Windows and Mac

Adding items to Juris-M

The Juris-M how to page has a series of videos.Because Juris-M is based on Zotero the instructions can be useful. It is important to be aware some records may require additional editing after being downloaded into Juris-M.

Creating in-text citations, cross-referencing, footnotes and bibliographies

When integrated with a word processor Juris-M generates in-text citations, automatic cross-referencing, footnotes and bibliographies in a document. The Word integration plugin is essential. It will show as an add-in tab in a word document and may be called Zotero.

When you are in a word document the Add/Edit Citation links to the references in your Juris-M Library.

To insert a reference select Add/Edit Citation. The first time you will be asked to select the Document Preferences. Select the JM New Zealand Law Style and Footnote.

Juris-M will automatically adjust cross-references when changes are made to a document.