Welcome to your guide to using eBooks for study and research.

Introduction to eBooks

Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and available anytime, eBooks improve your access to information but come with some copyright restrictions. All students and staff have access to library eBooks. The Library gets the best access it can for you, but this access can vary between books and it is not always possible to get unlimited access.

Why use eBooks?

The Library has eBooks which cover different subject areas. .You can read these online or download them to your own device. 

Why use an eBook?

  • You can access them anytime, anywhere.
  • You can search for keywords within the book.
  • You can bookmark pages, add notes, share readings, save references and keep track of what you've read.
  • Links in eBooks will link out to related content.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Remember to close your browser window when you have finished viewing an eBook. Limited numbers of people can view an eBook at one time. A browser window open in the background on your device counts as one of those views.
  • If you’ve failed to get access because of the restricted number of people who can use an eBook at one time, consider trying again at a time of day when other students and staff are less likely to be reading online.
  • Download PDF files of chapters or sections to read offline, where possible. Some publisher download limits refresh after 24 hours. Return to the eBook one day later to download another chapter or section. Plan ahead if you have a deadline.
  • Inform your Course Coordinator or Research Supervisor if access restrictions are negatively impacting your work.
  • Contact your Subject Librarian if you have technical difficulties accessing a library eBook.