Talis Aspire: Course reading lists

Information to help academic staff create course reading material lists and manage copyright compliance.

Integrate Talis reading list with Canvas (Nuku)

Before a Talis list can be displayed in Canvas it must be linked to the course code:

  • Go to the Talis list
  • Click Edit at the top of the list, and then select Hierarchy and student numbers at the bottom of the drop-down menu
  • Type in the course code and the estimated number of students, and then click Save
  • You can now display sections of the list, or the whole list, in Canvas.

Display list in Canvas (Nuku)

Once a Talis list is linked it can be displayed in Canvas:

  • Open the course in Canvas 
  • Navigate to the page or module 
  • Click the "+" symbol to Add Item
  • Click on the Add dropdown menu and select External tool


















  • Select Talis Aspire Reading Lists


  • If you haven't used Talis on your Canvas (Nuku) page previously, you might be requested to "Authenticate" your account. This could be an automatic process that doesn't require intervention, or you may need to click "Start". It does take 20-30 seconds to complete authentication 

  • The system will suggest the course to link based on the hierarchy which can be added in TALIS
  • Search for the list if it is not one of the suggested lists
  • You choose to embed the entire list or embed a section of the list


  • Select Embed section and select the section you want to embed (screenshot below)

  • Finally, select Add item to add the list or section to the Canvas module