Talis Aspire: Course reading lists

Information to help academic staff create course reading material lists and manage copyright compliance.

Edit and publish your list

Edit your list to add readings, change the list structure, add notes and importance and request digitisation. When you make changes, your changes will be saved but remember to click Publish to make those changes public.

You can easily edit items in your list while viewing the list. Click on the three dots to the right of each item and click Edit to change any details.

You can click and drag items by holding a click on the double arrow. 

You can also cut and paste to move or copy individual items or entire section. This option is also accessed by clicking on the three dots to the right of each item and clicking Cut. When you move your mouse you will then see the option to paste the item where you would like to place it


To add or edit a note for students, click on the drop-down menu and select Note for students

Shows how to manage your resources, including setting importance, checking metadata, adding notes for students & notes for Library (1:23)