Talis Aspire: Course reading lists

Information to help academic staff create course reading material lists and manage copyright compliance.


Instructions for solving login issues with Talis. 

  1. Start a new browser session (i.e. restart your web browser, but no need to clear your browser history).
  2. Login into Talis using https://victoria.rl.talis.com/auth/login.html.
  3. Visit https://my.openathens.net/my/logout which should take you to the WGTN library website to find and bookmark your resources as usual.


To resolve a log-in error (sign-in failed, please try again) in your browser, ensure 3rd party cookies are enabled, and the cache / history is cleared:


  • Chrome menu > Preferences > Show advanced settings > Privacy | Content settings or Clear browsing data
  • Make sure under ‘Cookies’ in the Content settings that the ‘Block third-party cookies and site data’ is not checked.
  • Make sure the first four boxes are checked in Clear browsing data and obliterate items "from the beginning of time."


  • Safari menu > Preferences
  • Privacy > Cookies and website data: Always allow


  • Settings (... menu top right) > Cookies and site permissions > Ensure "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)" is toggled on"
  • Settings (... menu top right) >  History > Manage history > Clear browsing data > Choose Browsing history and Caceh images and files > Clear now

"whoops error 404" messages
When I try and link my Talis Aspire list to Blackboard it gets a "whoops error 404", what do I do?
The cause of this is usually one of two things:

  1. If you have entered text into the description box of the content block you added to Blackboard you need to edit this to make sure there are no carriage returns in the paragraph. (that means you hit the return key) Instead you need to use a soft return by using Shift + return. Don't forget to also check there are no returns at the end of the text either.
  2. When you create the content block in Blackboard and then click on the title, you will be asked to select the list in Talis which needs to be linked. The default that comes up in the 'list' box may appear to be the correct code, but you still need to start typing the course list name to bring up the selection panel and select the right option. This will also allow you to select a section of the list to publish into the Blackboard course if you wish.

Error http-401 messages
I have linked my Talis Aspire list to Blackboard and was able to select the correct course and section of list, but now when I click on the link I get Error http-401 messages. What do I need to do?

This usually occurs if there is a return added to the text in the description of the link. If there is these need to be replaced with soft returns (i.e. Shift+Return). Do check if there is one at the end of the text as well.