Staying informed

Google/Google Scholar

Google alerts

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is available via the Library website or here.

Read the Library tips and set up 'Check @ Wellington' to ensure full text articles will be available to you from off-campus.

In the search box construct a search and revise to get a good result.  Then click on 'Create alert':


Google Scholar has an Email Alerts page for more information:

  • How do I sign up for email alerts?
  • Do I need a Google account to receive email alerts?
  • How do I get notified when my papers are cited?
  • How do I get notified when a particular paper is cited?
  • How do I get notified of new papers published by my competitors, err, respected colleagues?
  • How often do you send the alerts?
  • How do I unsubscribe?
  • How do I change my alerts?