International criminal law

Sources of international criminal law

The sources of international criminal law are the same as those for international law, therefore please refer to that guide to find: treaties, customary law, reports, and commentary.  This guide will focus on the documents relating specifically to the International Criminal Court and to the tribunals for Rwanda and Yugoslavia and provides links to the special courts and tribunals for Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Lebanon, and Timor Leste .  It will also draw to your attention some of books in the collection on this topic.


The regret that I feel is the pain that I have to live for the rest of my life. These crimes and my participation therein can never be justified. I'm speechless when I have to express the depth of my remorse for what I have done and for the effect that my sins have had on the others. I can only hope that by expressing the truth, by admitting to my guilt, and expressing the remorse can serve as an example to those who still mistakenly believe that such inhumane acts can ever be justified.

Milan Babic former Prime Minister/President of the government of self-declared Serbian Autonomous Region of Krajina, Croatia.

Law reports

International Criminal Court

After the 2010 Review Conference in Kampala a resolution was passed addressing the definition of the crime, amending the statute and outlining how the Court will establish its jurisdiction over such crimes.  35 states have ratified the Kampala amendments.