Key databases


All Australian jurisdictions provide access to legislation through official government websites. AustLII has Commonwealth Acts, Repealed Acts, Bills and Regulations as well as legislation by state.

Case law

Unreported judgments

Law reports

If you have the full citation of a case, use Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations to find the full title of the report series, and then search on Te Waharoa to find the report. For more detailed information see How do I find cases.

Parliamentary material





Journal articles

Use Te Waharoa to locate journals. For additional help see How do I find journal articles.

Please be aware that Lexis Advance hosts Australian journals in two places. Firstly, in LexisAdvance NZ Research you can see what is available by browse - publications - Australia - content type - secondary, then review the list.

Secondly, change to US Research, from the explore content bar  make sure International is selected, click on Australia, under Secondary Materials, see All Australian Law Reviews and Journals.  Here you will find:

Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology 1994-

Australian Bar Review 1994-

Australian Competition and Consumer Law Journal 1993-

Australian Journal of Corporate Law 1994-

Australian Journal of Family Law 1994-

Australian Journal of Labour Law 1993-

Insurance Law Journal (Australia) 1994-

Journal of Australian Taxation 2005-

Journal of Contract Law (Australia) 1993-

Journal of Equity 2006-

Law Text Culture 2000-

Melbourne University Law Review 1997-

Sydney Law Review 1999-

Torts Law Journal (Australian) 1993-

Other useful resources