Open access

This guide provides information about open access publishing and sharing research data.

Depositing to Open Access Victoria University of Wellington

Depositing new content into Open Access Victoria University of Wellington | Te Herenga Waka is quick and easy.

Deposits are prepared in the Elements system and become discoverable in our Figshare open access repository.


  •     By making this deposit you will make your research discoverable and increase its potential impact.
  •     The open access version will reference the published version and provide a preferred citation which highlights the published version.
  •     Our system creates a DOI for easy sharing of research.

Deposit Process:

  1.     Login to your Elements account.
  2.     Navigate to the publication you wish to deposit.
    •     If you can’t locate it then add a new publication (useful when you wish to deposit a brand new pre-print).
  3.     Use the deposit button, it’s blue with an arrow symbol.
  4.     Read and follow the deposit advice. There’s two tabs of advice; institutional advice and Sherpa Romeo.
    •     Get permission from any co-authors.
    •     Upload the file that the publisher permits you to use. This will be detailed on the Sherpa Romeo tab.
  5.     Complete the 3 step deposit process.
    1.     Choose a file and attach it. NOTE: please supply a file instead of a link so users can read the research immediately in Figshare.
    2.     Apply an embargo or creative commons licence. Some publishers require an embargo before you can make the open access version available.
    3.     Complete the deposit to make the publication available on Figshare.
  6.     Navigate to to see your publication at the top of the homepage.

Contact Library Research Services ( if you need help with:

  • Depositing content
  • Editing or deleting records

Step-by-step video: How to deposit an accepted article to Open Access Victoria University of Wellington

Step-by-step video - how to deposit a pre-print to Open Access Victoria University of Wellington


If you only have a print copy of your paper you can scan it. It is important to make the best quality copy possible, so your research can be easily read:

  • Check the scan is oriented correctly for reading
    • use document feed if possible; or
    • follow directions on scanner or copier on how to place paper correctly
  • Ensure the text is scanned as large as possible while keeping a border of white space
  • View Fuji Xerox C3375 MFD User Guide for full instructions

Follow these instructions for copying a book chapter. (Applies to Fuji Xerox MDF scanner/copiers at Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington)

  1. Select 'Layout Adjustment' > 'Original Size'.
  2. Measure Height and Width of paper in millimetres and enter in height and width boxes.
  3. Select 'Layout Adjustment' > 'Resolution'.
  4. Set Resolution to 600dpi if there are pictures, photos or maps.
  5. Select ‘Filing options’ > 'Quality/File Size'
  6. Set Quality/File Size to 'High Quality'
  7. Select ‘Filing options’ > 'Filename'
  8. Enter File name [My_paper_scanned]
  9. Scan paper [Note: If request is for more than one page, make sure to select 'Next Original' before scan completes. After scanning last page select 'Send- last original']
  10. Check Quality of pdf