Music scores

Find print music scores in the library

Printed sheet music scores are arranged by Library of Congress classification and are found on Level 3 of the Kelburn library. Here are a few techniques you can use to find them:

  1. As with books use keywords to search the library system, Te Waharoa. The work's title, the composer's name, or the type of instrument (eg. vocal score") are good keywords.
  2. Use the opus (Kochel, BWV, etc) number as a search term if you know it.(eg. "Mozart 550" is sufficient to find the G minor Symphony K. 550).
  3. When you've done your keyword search, use the Scores filter: this is found under the Resource Type filters to the left of the results list. When you apply this filter, your results are limited to scores.
  4. For major composers the library has Complete Works ie. multi-volume collections of their entire output. These are filed under the call number "M3". For example the complete works of Ludwig van Beethoven are filed under the call number "M3 B415".
  5. When you find the item you want on Te Waharoa, write down the Library of Congress call number. This is a letter-number sequence, beginning with M.  It tells you where on the shelf to find the item. It is in blue, in brackets next to the other location information - Kelburn Library Level 3.  This call number is printed on the spine of each score. You search the shelves for that number.
  6. If you want just to walk along the shelves and browse, have a look at this Library of Congress guide (PDF below): it tells you the broad letter/number combinations that correspond with specific music resources eg. vocal scores are between M1495 and M2199, whereas books about music begin at MT1.
  7. If you need a hand finding an item on the shelf, just ask the library staff at the Level 2 desk - they will come and help!

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