Music scores

Find print music scores in the library

Sometimes sheet music scores can be difficult to find in the library collection, which is arranged by LC classification. Here are a few techniques you can use to find them.

  1. Decide if you are looking for a whole work (symphony, sonata, etc), or a part (eg. a named song that is part of a song cycle, in which case you may need to do some prior searching to find the name of the song cycle).
  2. As with books use keywords for the work's title together with the composer's name.
  3. Add the opus (Kochel, BWV, etc) number to the search terms if you know it.(eg. "Mozart 550" is sufficient to find the G minor Symphony K. 550).
  4. For major composers the library has Complete Works ie. multi-volume collections of their entire output. These are filed under the call number "M3". For example the complete works of Ludwig van Beethoven are filed under the call number "M3 B415

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