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Key resources


The Roman Household : a Sourcebook

With the help of a wide variety of source material, particularly legal documents and inscriptions this book illustrates the activities associated with the household, demonstrating the different and frequently conflicting roles and moral values expected from its various members: male and female, old and young, freedman and slave.

Women in Ancient Greece : A Sourcebook

This volume is an essential resource supplying a compilation of source material in translation, with suggestions for further reading, a general bibliography, and an index of ancient authors and works. 

The Government of the Roman Empire : A Sourcebook

A valuable collection of source material which makes this revised edition an essential tool for everyone studying the administration of the Empire.

Women in Ancient Rome : A Sourcebook

This sourcebook includes a rich and accessible selection of Roman original sources in translation ranging from the Regal Period through Republican and Imperial Rome to the late Empire and the coming of Christianity. From Roman goddesses to mortal women, imperial women to slaves and prostitutes, the volume brings new perspectives to the study of Roman women's lives.

Sexuality in Greek and Roman Society and Literature : A Sourcebook

This book provides readers with detailed information, notes, and original translated passages on the fascinating and multi-faceted theme of ancient sexuality. 

Greek and Roman Technology : A Sourcebook

In this new edition of Greek and Roman Technology, the authors translate and annotate key passages from ancient texts to provide a history and analysis of the origins and development of technology in the classical world.