Research data management

Legal & ethical

Legal and ethical considerations

Data collected and produced through research processes may be required to meet privacy, confidentiality and cultural considerations for reasons and in circumstances such as:

  • Personal information, tissue and health information data collected from humans
  • Data collected from research with live animals
  • Research data that may be culturally or socially sensitive
  • Research data with potential intellectual property issues
  • Re-use of research data

All human research at Victoria (research involving human participants, their data or tissue), relevant teaching activities, and research involving highly sensitive information is subject to the Human Ethics Policy and Guidelines. Data will need to be archived for sharing, for review, replicability and reproducibility in the interests of academic integrity. Data must be stored securely, and confidentiality and privacy protected through the anonymisation of personal information or data and culturally sensitive data. Steps to anonymise such  data should be considered, if appropriate, at the start of a research process and indicated in ethics applications.

Intellectual property agreements regarding the ownership, security and re-use of data may be required to protect shared data as part of collaborative research projects, particularly research involving external institutions.

What are the relevant policies and guidelines?

Researchers need to consult the following policies and guidelines at Victoria University of Wellington:

Cultural guidelines

Māori research:

Any researcher who uses or creates intellectual property based wholly or partly on mātauranga or taonga Māori is advised to contact the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Māori) for further discussion about Māori research policies, practices and support.

The following documents provide guidelines for Māori research:

Pasifika research:

What legislation is relevant?

The following legislation is relevant to research data management at Victoria University of Wellington:

How can I Iicense data for re-use?

Licensing data for re-use, mixing and sharing is possible through Creative Commons Licensing, a non-profit scheme that provides a set of licenses to expand and enhance existing, traditional copyright.

For a full explanation of all licences visit Creative Commons

What support is available in meeting legal and ethical considerations?

Victoria University provides support with ethics, storage, repositories, and technology.