Open Educational Resources (OERs)


Learn what open educational resources are and why you should use them.

Open Educational Resources (OERs)

What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are teaching, learning, and research resources that are freely available and offered online for anyone to use. They are published with a Creative Commons license. Depending on the type of license, you may have the option to reuse, revise, remix, retain, and redistribute the content.

Before using an OER check its license and understand what it allows you to do. Watch this Creative Commons license video or read about how to apply and use Creative Commons licenses.

Why use OERs?

  • Reduce costs of course materials to students, as OERs are freely available.
  • Enhance the learning experience using OER content in multiple formats, leading to increased student engagement, deeper learning, and higher course completion rates.
  • Provide immediate access to course materials, as postage and traditional publishing lag times are eliminated.
  • Adapt and update content as OERs can be quickly and repeatedly updated as research develops or student needs change.
  • Encourage and facilitate collaboration amongst faculty, researchers, and those in the field.