Thesis Self Deposit - Help & Support

Where will my thesis be kept?

The electronic copy of your thesis will be held in the ResearchArchive. The ResearchArchive is open to the public, and anyone who is interested may access, read, and download material. The contents of ResearchArchive are regularly harvested and indexed by NZ Research, Google Scholar, and Digital New Zealand, among other services.

If a print version of your thesis is required, it will be catalogued and made available in the Library.

When depositing your thesis we ask if you have used any third party content. All quotations should be attributed to the source of the quotation with a proper citation that is the standard in your discipline. Other third party content such as maps, images, and so on should also be attributed.

As you are required to deposit in the ResearchArchive you will need to ensure all your third party material is properly attributed and with appropriate permissions from the copyright holder for third party content. Further guidance on this can be found in full on the Copyright Self Deposit Help page

If you cannot obtain permission for the reuse of third party materials then you will need to submit two electronic copies of your thesis to the library. One copy will have all third party material without permissions redacted, while the other will be the complete. The redacted copy will be made publically available while the un-redacted copy will be held as the archival copy.

If you don’t wish to have your thesis accessible by anyone, you must apply for permission from the Faculty of Graduate Research to withhold your thesis.