Research data management


How can I preserve or archive research data?

Integrity of research includes planning to manage the long term preservation and placement of your research data. Think about placing your data in a suitable open archive for future use (with participants' permission). The use of preservation metadata is intended to make it possible to retain and reuse data. Different methods and locations will be considered for textual, audio-visual and digital data. 

Archive/repository. Think about future storage and retention of data you collect and produce throughout research. Locate a suitable archive for your data at your institution or a specialised archive in your field. Examples include:

Contact potential Archives for advice on how data is stored.

Cultural considerations

Consider the cultural appropriateness of archiving Māori and indigenous research data online. For more information see selected publications provided from Te Mana Raraunga Māori Data Sovereignty Network

How long should I retain data for?

How long to keep data after research projects have finished can be difficult to predict. Consider questions such as: 

  • How many years is data required to be kept according to Victoria University of Wellington policies?
  • Do Schools and Faculties have differing requirements?
  • Is the research subject to funder retention policies?
  • What is important for the research community?