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Scopus Sources

Scopus Sources provides longer ranked lists than Scopus Compare Journals. You may want to use this service to see a ranked list of journals in your subject area. Scopus uses the All Science Journal Classification Classification Codes (AJSC).

View this 6-minute video or see the Step-by-step

instructions below

Browsing and analysing sources - 4-minute video tutorial from Scopus


Step-by-step instructions

  • Log in to Scopus and choose ‘Sources’ 

Menu showing sources second from left in menu

  • Click in ‘Enter subject area’ and the start of AJSC appears 

screenshot showing check boxes against subjects

  • Search or scroll to find the subject you want. Typing 'ling' will bring up the Linguistics categories for example

  • Select the subject(s) and click Apply, results will display. By default, results are sorted by CiteScore 

  • Apply any additonal filters you want at this point, using ‘Filter refine list’ options on left. Click ‘Apply’. Source type ‘Journals’ may be one you use. ‘Display only Open Access journals’ is another option 

  • To get the list sorted by SNIP, first, click the > on the right 

  • SNIP will be in the fourth column. The default sort is SNIP descending

  • The results can be exported. Select individually or using the Page options, then ‘Export to Excel’