Thesis Self Deposit - A Guide

A guide to formatting your thesis in preparation for depositing in the Library, including information on copyright, research codes and a step-by-step walkthrough to the online submission process.


You are asked to select research codes to help describe your thesis. We use the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) codes which are a standard of classification used by groups such as the Marsden fund.

There are three types of classification: Type of activity, Field of research and Socio-economic objective. Only the type of activity and the field of research is required.

Type of activity

Research activity is categorised according to the four types of research effort:

  • Pure basic research is basic research carried out for the advancement of knowledge, without seeking long-term economic or social benefits or making any effort to apply the results to practical problems or to transfer the results to sectors responsible for their application.
  • Strategic basic research is experimental and theoretical work undertaken to acquire new knowledge directed into specified broad areas in the expectation of practical discoveries. It provides the broad base of knowledge necessary for the solution of recognised practical problems.
  • Applied research is original investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge. It is, however, directed primarily towards a specific, practical aim or objective.
  • Experimental development is systematic work, drawing on knowledge gained from research and practical experience and producing additional knowledge, which is directed to producing new products or processes or to improving existing products or processes.

Field of research

The ANZSRC FOR allows R&D activity to be categorised according to the methodology used in the R&D, rather than the activity of the unit performing the R&D or the purpose of the R&D.

The categories in the classification include major fields and related sub-fields of research and emerging areas of study investigated by businesses, universities, tertiary institutions, national research institutions and other organisations. This classification allows the categorisation of fields of research activity within Australia and New Zealand.

Socio-economic objective.

The ANZSRC SEO classification allows R&D activity in Australia and New Zealand to be categorised according to the intended purpose or outcome of the research, rather than the processes or techniques used in order to achieve this objective. The purpose categories include processes, products, health, education and other social and environmental aspects in Australia and New Zealand that R&D activity aims to improve.

The above is taken from Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) 2020.

Local Contexts

Our repository supports Local Contexts labels and notices. Local Contexts recognizes the inherent sovereignty that Indigenous communities have over knowledge and data that comes from their lands, territories, and waters.

To display labels and notices in your thesis metadata you will need to have created a project on the Local Contexts hub. Prior to depositing, locate your project id and enter it into our system.

Add local contexts id

Please note that labels may only be applied to a project by an indigenous community, whereas notices can be applied by a researcher.