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Set up alerts

News feeds

Set up your own alerts to information in your subject area, such as news headlines, recently published journal articles, blogs, and new audio or video recordings on the web.

Search alerts

Save time with your research. Search thousands of titles in Te Waharoa, or a specialist database, then set an alert to automatically receive new titles that match your search criteria.

Bell notification iconTe Waharoa library search. Sign in using your Victoria University of Wellington username and password. Save query to you favorites and set either an RSS feed or email alert.

Bell notification iconLibrary databases and specialist search tools. You usually need a personal user account to set up search alerts. Register for an account and set up a search alert in your favourite library database.

Bell notification iconGoogle Alerts. Use Google's Expert Search Tips to create precise searches in Google Alerts and enter your email address to receive notification of new web content.

BrowZine journals

Create a BrowZine account to monitor new content from journals you select. Use a web browser, or download the app and sync your account across all your devices.