Optimising your research impact

This guide provides a starting point to the tools and methods you can use to optimise your research impact.

Managing your profile

Creating and managing your online profile is an essential step to optimizing your research impact online. There are two main areas to consider: author identifiers and social networks:

  • Author identifiers: Using online author identifiers will disambiguate yourself from others with similar names allowing your peers to find your work easily without any confusing overlap.
  • Social networks: Using social networking sites, specifically academic-based networking sites, will allow you to connect online with other academics in your field of study or research interest, to expand your network of peers, to share your work, and potentially foster more collaborations.

Author Identifiers

What's in a name?
- William Shakespeare.

Sharing the same or similar name is fairly common. Having multiple spellings of your name in various languages or changing your name can make things even more complicated.

Making sure your work is correctly attributed to you is very important in academia. Unique  author identifiers have emerged as the solution to correct misattribution. These identifiers still rely on the academic to create and maintain these profiles by “claiming” or “denying” publications that seem to be attributed to them.

Many publishers and citation databases have their own author identifiers. We highly recommend signing up for an ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID) account. ORCID is now used in the major citation databases and is becoming a required ID by many journals when submitting articles.

Social Networks

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met.
- William Butler Yeats.

As a publishing researcher it is essential to stay connected to others in your field and keep up to date with new research. You may also find that researchers outside your field or discipline are studying similar topics. Finding ways to connect with all these researchers can help to improve the reach of your own work while also helping you to form new impactful relationships. We recommend you use at least a couple of these social networking sites to promote your self, your work, and expand your academic network.

There are many other social network platforms available. This list is focused on ones with a strong academic / research focus / usage.

Please note that many of these platforms will ask you to upload copies of your publications. Any copies you choose to upload must comply with copyright law and with any licensing arrangements you have with your publishers, in some cases you may need to seek permission.