Optimising your research impact

This guide provides a starting point to the tools and methods you can use to optimise your research impact.


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Research impact

Research impact is becoming increasingly important to both individuals and institutions. Impact is not only about the quality of research but also how visible it is. The visibility and discoverability of research outputs is known to be a key factor in the frequency of citations.

A broad range of author, article, and journal metrics exist, and a number of tools are available providing access to different metrics, including Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar.

Key definitions

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Do you want to enhance the discoverability and visibility of your research? Have you considered depositing your work in the ResearchArchive?

Many publishers allow authors to self-archive the post-print version of a work in their Insitutional Repositories.

By depositing your publications in the ResearchArchive:

  • You get a permanent URL that links directly back to your publication
  • Your publications will appear in Google search results and will be ranked highly on the results lists
  • You are helping others to more easily discover your work, raising your profile
  • Your citation counts may increase - the more discoverable and visible your research is, the more likely you are to be cited by others

If you are interested in establishing a presence on the ResearchArchive, get in touch with your Subject Librarian.