Talis Aspire: course reading lists

Information to help academic staff create course reading material lists and manage copyright compliance.

Linking List to the hierachy

After creating and publishing a list in Talis you can link and display the list within Blackboard.

To view a list in Blackboard you need to link the list to the hierarchy in Talis Aspire.

From My Lists:

  1. Click on the list title to open the list.
  2. The list must be linked to the hierarchy. Click Edit then Link to Hierarchy.
  3. Enter course code and select Blackboard course code.
  4. The linked courses will show in My Lists screen.


Display list in Blackboard

Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Blackboard and not recommended for adding Talis links to Blackboard.

You can choose to display sections of the list in specific content areas within Blackboard.

  1. Click on Course Resources (you may have renamed this as something else).
  2. Click Build Content. (You may need to switch to edit mode)
  3. Select Talis Aspire from the drop-down list.
  4. Name the content block and change the Name to something meaningful (eg, Week 1 Readings).
  5. Add Description if text notes is needed to explain to students what this section of the reading list is or specific information about it. (Ignore the attachments section)
  6. Set Options for users to view, track views and date and time restrictions if needed
  7. Click Submit.
  8. The Content block will have been added to the bottom of the page.This order can be rearranged if necessary).

    Note: Talis content Block will always show this icon: 
  9. Click on the Name.
  10. Login to Talis if not already open (standard University login details).
  11. Check the correct list is referenced, if not then search for your list and then select the section of the list you want to display in this content block. Click on Save.


The list section will now display in Blackboard. Return to Content pages and repeat the above steps to add other sections of the list.

If you want to add more readings or sections to your list add these changes through Talis and then re-publish your list (you may need to update the page to see the changes).