Talis Aspire: course reading lists

Information to help academic staff create course reading material lists and manage copyright compliance.

Edit your list

Edit your list to add bookmarks, change the list structure, add notes and importance and request digitisation. Remember to click Save Draft, after making changes if your list is still in progress. Publish your list once complete.

From My Lists:

  1. Click on the list title to open the list.
  2. Click Edit then Edit List.
Add bookmarks to a list

Your bookmarks will display to the right of your list. Scroll or search for the bookmark you want. Drag and drop the bookmark into the list.

Edit notes and importance

Add notes and / or set the importance for resources to indicate reading intentions to your students.

  • Required
  • Recommended
  • Supplementary
Request digitisation

Some book chapter/sections or journal articles may currently be available in print only. If you want your students to access a digital copy you can request digitisation. The request can be made if the list is draft or published. 

  1. Find the resource on your list and select Request Digitisation.
  2. A form will open. Check and complete the required details. If you want a chapter digitised you must include the chapter number and title. A page range is desirable but not essential.
  3. Click Submit request.

This request will be processed by Library staff. You will receive email confirmation when the digital copy is available from your list.

If you wish to bookmark an item you physically have access to (e.g. a book or document on your desk) create a manual bookmark with basic information about the item, and request digitisation. Remember to add a note telling the Library that you have a hard copy.

Also see the printed notes page.

Note: Being linked to more than 1 Hierarchy will prevent you from making digitisation requests. In this case remove all but 1 of the hierarchies and make the digitisation requests. Once the requests are made you may relink the list to the hierarchies.


Publish your list

A list is not available for anyone else to view until you publish it. Two options to publish the list are:

  • From Edit List, click Publish in the top right corner.
  • From My Lists:
  • Click the check box next to the reading list title.
  • Click the list’s Select action box and select Edit.
  • Click Publish in the top right corner.

Once a list is published:

  • The Library will purchase resources based on information in the list.
  • The list is live and searchable from the Talis reading lists search box.
  • The list can be displayed in Blackboard.

If you edit a list after it is published you need to click Publish again for changes to be visible.

Co-taught courses

You can invite other teaching staff to add items to the course reading list. Use the Edit menu to invite other list publishers.