Talis Aspire: course reading lists

Information to help academic staff create course reading material lists and manage copyright compliance.

Bookmark resources

Talis bookmarks are references to resources (e.g, books, websites, videos, and journal articles) that you collect and add to your online course reading list. Use the bookmarklet now installed in your favourites toolbar or browser extension to collect and bookmark resources. See the Bookmarking examples page in this guide.

When you find a resource that you would like to add to your list:

  1. Click the Add to my Bookmarks option on your browser toolbar and a new page will load with details about the resource. (this can take a couple of seconds – a new Talis screen will open in your browser tab) If your browser is set to allow non secure content you will see a preview of the item being bookmarked on the right hand side or screen.
  2. Click Create or Create & Add to List.
  • Create adds the resource to My Bookmarks in Talis (where all your bookmarked resources will be stored). Later you can drag and drop the resource into a list. (See Edit a list).
  • Create & Add to List adds the resource to My Bookmarks in Talis and allows you to select which reading list and section within the list the resource will appear.

Complete the Create and Add to List box

If you choose the Create & Add to List option:

  1. From the Add to list drop-down box, select the reading list that you want to add the resource to.
  2. Select where in the list you want the resource to appear. If you are not sure, add it at the top or bottom of the list – you can edit your list later to move it.
  3. Set the level of Importance to indicate to students how you would like them to focus their reading. You can also add notes to students.
  4. Add notes to Library when relevant: e.g. to indicate if you want physical books placed on short-term loan (3 day or 2 hour); or you have your own copy that can be used for digitisation.
  5. Click OK.

To view the bookmark, return to your list. You may need to refresh your browser or click Edit then Edit List.

Bookmarking essentials

  • When bookmarking from within Te Waharoa or a Library database, go to the individual record view of the resource. It is best not to bookmark from the results list or from a PDF.
  • You may edit title, author/editor or date information in a bookmark and add any missing information, but you shouldn’t need to modify many other fields.
  • For better data, try bookmarking from Te Waharoa or Library databases’ details tab where possible.
  • For electronic resources check that the ‘Online Resources’ box is ticked. A pop-up box will appear with the correct default option selected, click OK.
  • For book chapters, bookmark the book. Then add the Has part field in the bookmark and in the Note for Student field, enter the chapter number.