Streaming video

Welcome to your guide to watching and recording online content using streaming video.

eTV content

eTV has over 35,000 TV and Library recordings and is growing daily. It also provides live streaming of 20 Freeview and 13 international channels. You can request for any show broadcast within the last 14 days to be recorded and added to the collection. Copyright and licensing allows programmes to be downloaded and distributed through Blackboard. Help on how to download programmes is included in the eTV User Guide.

For more information on requesting recordings and to log in, try watching the eTV guide videos.

Requesting recordings

To request the recording of a specific programme or series, first log in to eTV. Once logged in, there is a "Request Recording" button at the footer of each page. Click on this to be taken to the Request a Recording page, where you submit requests. This page also has links to the programme guides for each channel.

You can also create clips of programmes by clicking on "Clip Video" on the bottom right of the screen once you've clicked on a show.