Reference List: Journal articles


Author, A. A. Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year of publication). Title of article. Name of Journal, volume(issue), page numbers. doi: xx.xxxxxxxxxxxx


Wright, R., & Latrina, K. (2014). Wearable technology: If the tech fits, wear it. Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries, 11(4), 204-216. doi: 10.1080/15424065.2014.969051 


  • If a DOI number (Digital Object Identifier), is provided, you should include this after the page numbers. Use “doi” in small letters.
  • If you have accessed the article from a website and there is no DOI, then use the website’s URL. For example:

Liebert, M. (2016). Not just a pretty face: Three-dimensional printed custom airway management devices. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, 3(3), 160-165. Retrieved from

  • If the journal does not have a volume or issue number, record its full date after the author. For example:

Buchanan, P. (2003, Spring/Summer). Invitation to the dance: Sustainability and the expanded realm of design. Harvard Design Magazine, 22-29.